On July 1  Fr. Zygmunt Ostrowski SChr concludes his service in our parish. On Sunday, June 28 at 10.30am Mass we will say goodbye to our senior priest. Thank you for the sacrificial service to our community, and we wish you good health and God’s blessing.



15 years ago I went with my mother to the hospital in Szczecin, Poland to visit Father Zygmunt Ostrowski SChr – my elder confrere in religious orders and my mother’s priest from childhood. Fr. Zygmunt was seriously ill and his future was under a big question mark. A year later, on the day of the spiritual retreat of the Society of Christ Fathers, I smiled broadly when I could concelebrate Mass with Fr. Zygmunt who was then in a wheelchair. In 2007, a few days before my trip U.S., Fr. Zygmunt visited me at my family home in Goleniów, Poland to give me some advice for my mission among the Polish immigrants. However, a year ago it turned out that together with Fr. Zygmunt we would serve at St. Ladislaus Parish in Chicago. These events con􀏐irm that life is full of surprises. Today, I would like to say thank you very much, Fr. Zygmunt, for your service at St. Ladislaus Parish. I can’t imagine what the service would look like without Fr. Zygmunt, especially in the first six months. I truly appreciate and am grateful to Father for his commitment despite health problems. The great “Thank you!”

Fr. Tomasz Ludwicki SChr