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Masses in Advent sezon

During the season of Advent, we invite you to the traditional early morning Masses called Roraty at 6:00am in Polish. During Advent there will be no 8:15am Masses, and the 7:00pm Masses will be bilingual (English/Polish).

28 November 2020|

Initial Parish Scenarios in RMC

To initiate discussion, the Archdiocese has offered a set of initial scenarios that show potential models of how our parishes and schools could be configured in the future. These initial scenarios have been developed accounting for data such as demographics, Mass attendance, financial and facility [...]

28 November 2020|

“Angel” Charity

For the second time, we are organizing the "Angel" charity campaign. Until December 4th this year, please report parishioners who have been affected by misfortune this year, or lonely people who should be remembered. On Sunday, December 6th this year, paper angels will be displayed [...]

28 November 2020|

25th Anniversary of The Polish Club

In the solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Univerce the Polish Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary. We thank the members of the Club for their commitment. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the temporary closure of the church, the anniversary celebrations [...]

21 November 2020|

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