On Christmas, we entrusted St. Ladislaus Parish to Mary. Now itʹs time to deepen our own personal relationship with the Mother of God. Consecration to the Lord Jesus through Mary will take place in our church on the solemnity of the Annunciation, on March 25, 2020. For 33 days (from February 21) we will follow a formation program. Every day – individually at home – we will read the given materials and answer the attached questions, while once a week we will meet in the church for prayer, conference and group sharing. To order the necessary materials (textbook ʺ33 Days to the Morning of Gloryʺ at a price of $ 15) you are asked to enroll by February 1. The program will be conducted in two languages, in Polish and separately in English. We encourage to accept this challenge to deepen personal relationship with Jesus and Mary.