We live in the second decade of the 21st century, in the era of many technological innovations. Computerization, if used properly, helps us in our daily life. The Internet is a great help in communication, which makes the world a “global village”. Today, in the blink of an eye, we are up to date with news from both near America and distant Poland by information posted on websites. The Church also takes advantage of the benefits of the Internet. Our parish has so far had a website whose functionality has recently failed. That is why we have created a new website, which also has a new address: www.stladislauschicago.org The website is bilingual – it works in Polish and in English. The site is also responsive with mobile devices, i.e. it opens without problems not only on an ordinary computer, but also on mobile phones and tablets.

In addition to the premiere of St. Ladislaus Parish new website, we are also starting with two other virtual realities: the parish FanPage on Facebook and a live video streaming from the church. You can join our Facebook, among others by the tab on the left of the website. A live video broadcast from the church should start in the coming days. This option is intended as a help especially for the sick who cannot come to Mass. Also absent relatives of people celebrating baptisms, weddings or funerals will be able to join in the ceremonies through a video streaming. The link to the broadcast will be posted on our new website.

Thank you, Szymon Klimczuk, for installing the webcam and initiating video coverage. The website was made by Rafał Czepiński from Poland (https://dobrastronaparafii.pl/).